Lynn B.

Dr. Kootman,

You walk on water!

At my first appointment, I was so apprehensive. My hands held papers with a million questions, to say nothing of my mind. I thought you'd toss me aside, but I was pleasantly surprised! Yourself and Dr. Huber were supportive and attentive.

I was led along the "road of many tests" with kindness, "tons of patience" and consideration for my nervousness and, as it were, unfounded fears.

You made this experience very comfortable for me. No pain, ever. (Maybe I was a pain in the rear, though).
The day arrived! My first cataract procedure! I was a basket case. My daughter flew in from CA to be my support.

Spectra Eye Institute was another wonderful experience. Those women, and men (one in particular, Daniel), were so gentle and kind. I still have a hard time believing the care I was given. Again, no pain!
You were a gentle, caring Doc Kootman. Your assistants were top of the class. Donna is an Angel. She actually held my hand through the procedure. How she did that and helped you as well, is amazing!
Number one eye now done and looking great. I couldn't believe "my eyes" (ha) with how clear I could see. You promised, and you delivered!

No glasses, beautiful clear concise colors, etc. I could go on....
The day arrived! My second eye will now be done! I am so excited, I can hardly wait! My daughter stayed in CA. I had a friend help me the drive home. I stayed by myself, and all was well with the world. Again, all was done with extreme care for "my" well being. I now have two "seeing eyes"...... Thanks to YOU!!
I am so proud of myself. But it's you, Dr. Kootman, and your staff in both offices, that went to make this "scary old kid" feel safe and not afraid anymore. You did more than fix my eyes. You gave me a new outlook! How can I ever thank you..... Feel free to use all, or whatever portion, of this you want. I write it with respect and appreciation for all the folks involved. Not to forget Mo and Cindy and Daina..... Great people! Great staff! Great experience! It truly was "a piece of cake"..

If I can help someone else, please let me know, ok?

Your scardie-cat patient,
Lynn B.